CNA Practice Tests

Anyone interested in becoming a certified nursing assistant will have to take the CNA certification examination, also known as the National Nurse Aid Assessment Program (NNAAP). While preparing for this exam, taking CNA practice tests is very essential. Without practice tests, one might not be able to gauge how good his/her exam preparation is.

A few points regarding the certification exam

CNA Practice Tests

The certification exam is held in two parts which consist of a written/oral test and a skills test. One has to pass both the tests to become a certified nursing assistant. The written exam is of multiple-choice question-type and the examinee has to mark the correct choice on an OMR sheet.

Before a student appears for the NNAAP certification exam or the CNA examination, he/she should be well prepared for the exam. Full attention in the training classes is a must. Aspirants can also take part in reviewers, for example practice tests. But it is to be noted that these practice tests are only for the written part of the certification exam; it does not cover the skills test. Practice tests are perfect for testing the knowledge of an aspirant from the examiner’s point of view. And these allow the confidence level to grow too.

Authenticity of the practice test

The Internet is filled with websites that provide CNA practice tests. While many of these tests are provided free of cost, there are many websites that charge a small fee for the tests. But, these tests might not be authentic and may not conform to the real test format. The state nursing boards do not endorse these tests nor do they provide them. So, before relying on these practice tests, an aspirant should always consult teachers, certified nursing assistants or instructors and take guidance from them.

Comparison of practice tests with the real written test

Since the practice tests are meant only for the written part of the certification exam, they cover the whole syllabus for the written part. But a student is always advised to compare the syllabus of the practice test with the real one. This way, he/she can be sure that his/her full knowledge is being tested, rather than just a part of it.

Syllabus for the practice tests

The CNA practice tests, more or less, cover the whole syllabus for the written part of the certification exam. It includes physical care, patients’ hygiene, sleep and nutrition, basic skills related to nursing such as therapeutic skills, emergency procedures, etc. There is also psychosocial care, such as spiritual, mental and emotional needs of a patient. All these parts are covered in the practice tests.

Details on the structure of the online practice tests

Numerous practice tests are available online which are free of cost. Most of them follow a similar structure or format. There will be 20 or more questions in total, all of which are multiple-choice question-type. Each question is displayed one by one. The examinee will have to answer each question and move on the next one.


The CNA Practice Tests are excellent sources to gauge the knowledge of a student. It helps to boost the confidence of the aspirant, as well. With countless websites offering free practice tests, an aspirant can keep on practicing and then appear for the real test.

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