A Guide to CNA Training

A Nursing Profession is quite sought after, these days and it is financially rewarding as well. Moreover, anyone having a caring attitude towards the society can become a nursing assistant and take care of the elderly people and also the sick. To make the process of becoming a certified nursing assistant easier, one may take formal CNA Training.

Process of Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant

Certified Nursing Assistant

Before highlighting the reasons to why one might wish to get trained to become a CNA, it is important to mention how one becomes a certified nursing assistant. To become a nursing assistant, one has to have the skills as well as knowledge required by the job. But this is not the only criterion to become a nursing assistant. The nursing assistant has to be certified for the job, and for this, he/she has to pass an examination. The certification exam consists of two levels – the first being a written test, and the second level is a skills demonstration exam. After the examinee passes the exam, he/she can look for jobs in the healthcare industry.

What is CNA Training?

CNA Training

A Guide to CNA Training

Before appearing for the CNA Certification exam, one has to hone the skills and knowledge required by this profession. To do this, the aspirant will have to take part in a training program. The training process typically takes six to twelve weeks to finish, and is conducted in a training school or a medical facility. The course includes a wide variety of topics such as basic anatomy, physiology, body mechanics, infection control, and nutrition.

Who Conducts the CNA Training?

The training is conducted, most of the time, by certified nurses and licensed practical nurses. The training is conducted initially on models of a human being.

Skills learnt in this Training

Skills learnt in CNA Training

In the training phase, a student gets to learn different skills. For example, the student will be taught how to check for a patient’s vital signs like heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate. Since nursing assistants deal with the patients, they also need to have proper communication skills. Students are taught how to interact with the patients using verbal and non-verbal methods of communication. Common bedside manners are also taught to the students.

Advantages of Enrolling in CNA Classes

CNA Classes

One of the biggest advantages of undergoing CNA Training is that it allows the student to undergo the training at his/her convenience. Training classes are held in different time slots in mornings and evenings. Classes are sometimes held during the weekends too. So a student has the freedom to choose a time slot which suits him/her best. Another advantage is the low cost of the training programs.

Training Programs

There are school-based training programs and online classes as well. CNA Online Classes tend be to cheaper than the training programs held in-house. CNA courses include both theory and practical classes. There are classes which teach a student the anatomy of a human body, its physiology, infection control, patient safety, proper communication techniques, nurse-patient relationships, patient hygiene, etc. The entire training lasts for six to twelve weeks. Each class generally spans for 4 hours or even longer.

Training Expenses

Training Expenses

A CNA Training course is quite affordable, when compared to courses in other medical fields. A typical six-week training course costs less than one thousand dollars. The online courses are cheaper compared to school-based training courses since these do not require students to incur transportation expenses. There are scholarships from the schools, bank loans and also financial support from hospitals.

Criteria to Join CNA Certification Programs

CNA Certification Programs

There are a few criteria which everyone should meet before signing up for a training program. The most basic criterion is that the applicant should be medically fit. His/her criminal records should be clean and he/she should hold a valid high school diploma. A GED in place of the diploma is also accepted. Many schools arrange for competency tests in verbal and written communication. The applicant should pass such competency tests as well.

Tips on choosing the Best Training Program

The best way to find the best training program is to choose a training facility or an online course based on state rankings or national rankings. To get the list of training schools and online courses, one can approach the local state nursing boards. The rankings can be used as a yardstick to find out the best school. But rankings can, sometimes, mislead people, as there are various methods of ranking a school program or course. In many cases, ranks may be provided to schools based on students’ satisfaction. The overall exam scores of the students can also be used as a basis to rank a school.

Authenticity of a School or Course

Although there are a lot of training schools for CNA aspirants, and even more number of online training courses, not all are genuine. One should always be careful before cashing out money for enrolling in a school. If the training facility or the online course is not accredited, then it can lead to a huge wastage of time and money of the student. So before enrolling for a course, the aspirant should always get hold of a list of accredited schools and courses and then choose. By doing this, it be will be ensured that the student’s effort and money will not go to waste.

Places which offer Training

Health care facilities like nursing homes offer training for nursing assistants. They might even bear the training costs if a student agrees to work for the organization after getting certified. The American Red Cross also conducts training, and it is a popular place to get certified as a nursing assistant. Completing the training from an ARC centre fetches brownie points from the career point of view because it helps to create a good resume. Last, but not the least, community colleges also provide training at a low cost.


It requires quite a bit of research before enrolling for a CNA Training Program. But once it is done, the student is on the fast lane to becoming a nursing aspirant.

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